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Russ Hammaker - Professional Event DJ

If you want your next event to be even more memorable, I want to help you achieve that goal! Centrally located in the Louisville, KY area, I am available to travel to your event in KY, OH, IN and other surrounding areas. I offer DJing, Video DJing, Karaoke, and other entertainment options. Whether you are having a kid-friendly party, a more adult gathering, or a professional event I have you covered for every celebration you can think of.

Nick Hammaker - Live Sound/DJ/Tech/Web

While Russ takes care of your DJing needs, I focus on simple Live Sound setups and making you sound the best you possibly can! Located in the Greenville, OH area (north of Dayton, OH), I am available to travel to your event in OH, KY, IN and other surrounding areas. Being the tech guy, I am also the one that can rig up LAN parties or movie nights, offering something other companies don’t offer.


Together, we want to provide the soundtrack
to your memories!

Why hire a DJ when I just create a playlist on a music service and hit play?

Sure, you can do that if you just want a premade playlist with no interaction to keep the energy going. Or not have the option to play that song that someone said “We should play the song…” A DJ can mix it up with songs you want to hear but can switch it up on the fly by taking requests and making sure the songs your guests want to hear are played as well. I offer a library of over 10,000 songs (and continually growing) from every genre ranging from the 50’s to today, it is my goal to make sure the playlist for your event is curated by you and your guests. My job is to ensure you and your guests are having a great time and leave your event with priceless memories. Hitting play on a premade playlist just can’t offer this kind of service.

What is Video DJing and why is it a must-have for any event?

Video DJing, or VJing, adds the element of video to DJing. With a library of over 400 of the most popular music videos, now you can dance to the music while the music videos play to entertain your guests who may not be the dancing type. The videos are of the highest quality available, and in some cases offer special remixes that only we can offer. If you want to add something extra to your next event, VJing is a great way to keep your guests entertained! When not in use during the reception, the screens can be used to show slideshows, comments, advertisements, announcements, or anything else you can think of.

What about this Karaoke service?

Offering a large selection of songs including the top 100 in the USA, your guests will have any song available they want to sing. A large screen makes it easy to see the words and wireless mics give you the freedom to live out your rockstar dream. Choose from the most popular tracks, one-hit wonders, country classics, jazz standards, or tracks for your Halloween, Christmas, or other holiday celebration. And if the key is too high or low, no worries – you let me know and I can adjust it so you always sound your best! Just be careful, you might find yourself having to sign autographs with your newfound superstardom!

What are some (but not all) the events we cover?

Birthday Party

Graduation Party
Class / Family Reunion
Holiday Celebration

Corporate Event / Party

School Function (Prom, Homecoming, Pep Rally, etc.)
Theme Party (50’s Sock Hop, 70’s Disco, 80’s/90’s Prom, etc.)
Bachelorette / Bachelor Party

Food Truck Rally

Block Party

Pool Party

Charity Event (5K Run, Fundraiser, etc.)

Car Show


Sporting Event (Cheer Competition, etc.)

Karaoke Night

Movie Night
Trivia Night (must provide trivia materials)
Video Game Competition / LAN Party (must provide gaming system(s) and game)

Talk to us about your idea and we’ll see what we can work out and make your idea happen!

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