About Me

"Music is a language that doesn't speak in particular words.
It speaks in emotions, and if it's in the bones, it's in the bones."
- Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones -

Who Am I?

Born and raised in a small town in Ohio, I am the youngest of 5 in my family. I credit my love and passion for music to my family and my brothers and sisters. Each one had a unique taste in music which is why the range of music I offer is so diverse. Classic country, classic rock, mellow pop, oldies are just some of the influences my family had on me. But then I developed my own tastes and discovered other genres from my times living in Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Dallas, Indianapolis, and currently residing in the Mount Washington/Louisville area.


As a kid growing up, I have always had a passion for music and DJing. I still remember taking my boombox out to the front yard and DJing to the imaginary party happening, complete with my homemade lighting boxes made of colored floodlights that went to a switch box so I could play music and flip lights on and off just like those dancefloors I saw at weddings I went to with my family. I would eventually prove my skills by DJing several Jr High and High School dances that were held while I was in school.


I have worked in the entertainment industry in various positions from working on a major motion picture, to being an on-air DJ on a radio station. While my career may have taken a path away from the entertainment industry, my passion for music and entertainment has never taken a break. Since the end of the pandemic, I have felt that there is a greater need to come back together and create memories because we all realize how precious time and togetherness is. And it seems there are less DJs offering their services. After my niece, Katie, asked me to DJ her wedding it rekindled my interest to share my love and passion of music and entertainment professionally.


Sysmic Entertainment is the result of a dream that started when I was a kid and has been building my entire life. I am excited to share my passion for music and fun with you and make your special event the most memorable experience possible. Please contact me and let’s discuss how I can help you make your special event even more special!

Music is not just a passion, it’s an obsession that transcends language, culture, and age.

For many people, music is not just a form of entertainment, but a passion that drives them to pursue their dreams and express themselves. From singing to playing musical instruments, music provides a platform for individuals to convey their emotions, ideas, and creativity. It is a powerful medium that transcends language barriers, cultural differences, and personal limitations, allowing people to connect with others and convey a universal message of love, inspiration, and joy. Whether as a hobby, profession, or source of therapy, music has the potential to transform lives, enhance personal growth, and ignite a sense of purpose. Being passionate about music means embracing its power, creating meaningful connections through music, and pursuing one’s dreams with dedication and enthusiasm.

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